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Promote your website in real-time on Telegram !

All Around Siena connect the power of Telegram Channels with your blog, to spread your posts in channels, groups and private chats.

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Created by Michele Pinassi / @michele_pinassi

Engage your users

Telegram Channel is the best way to engage your users

Real-time notifications directly on your customers phones, everywhere, everytime, using Telegram: the chat killer-application of the new era

If you still missing Telegram, get now from it's free !

Ready in 5 steps !

Step 1: sign-in using your Facebook account

Click the link below and authorize AllAroundSiena: your account will be ready in few seconds:

Sign-up now with Facebook

Discover Telegram

Step 2: join Telegram instant messaging

Get the native app and join Telegram instant messaging platform

Create your own Channel

Step 3: create your BOT and Channel

Ask the @botfather for a new BOT and take note of the Token. Then create your channel and add your BOT as an Administrator (and don't forget to take note of your channel's name !)

Get the plugin

Step 4: get and install Wordpress plugin

Download and install WP-AllAround free plugin for Wordpress

and ask for a new BOT Api Key on AllAround Admin Interface

Do the magic

Step 5: setup your BOT and your channel

On AllAround Admin Interface add your BOT, your Channel and link them with your Blog: that's all !

It's no rocket science

REST interface to spread all over the world

If you are a developer, we encourage you to develop a plugin for other CMS or apps: it's just a REST interface...

Doubt ? Questions ?

Send us an e-mail and we reply as soon as possible

If you still have some doubts or just a question, send us an e-mail to

However, don't forget that you can try us freely as long as you want...